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est. 2005
Independent Bicycle Shop so our passion goes to fulfilling your needs. No corporation oversight to tell us what to sell you.  This translates into passion for true customer service.
Ventura County Bike Service Memebership      $175
Ventura County is our haven for cycling.  We avg. 18 inches or rain coming over a span of only 93 days a year.  That means you can ride some of the most varied terrain all year long. Ojai loop, PCH, Ojai trails, Sycamore Canyon, Rocky Peak.  Its all here..

If take advantage if this place and have become a regular commuter, road or mountain rider, this a great value.  It's popular choice if you're  not just, a bicycle owner.

First off:
What will be serviced and properly adjusted when the bicycle is first brought into the program:
  • Wheel True: Check for roundness and then set to center from side to side movement within 2mm or as the wheel allows
  • Drivetrain Deep Clean: Componenets properly cleaned, including being removed for cleaning when necessary
  • Shifting adjustment: Cables inspected for service life and advised upon, they will be internally lubricated and properly adjusted
  • Braking adjustment: Cables inspeceted and advised upon, they will be internally lubricated and properly adjusted. If hydralic brakes are un use they will bled as per the factory procedure.
  • Frame Deep Clean and Polish: We dont use water to clean your machine (heavy mud exception). Once in the stand the bike will be closely visually inspected and checked for issues. Then evertything will be properly lubricated. Lastly we will use a permormance polish that will give you lasting shine while leaving a portectant slick surface.

We include 10 Tube & Lube instances. Means is that you get up to 10 different times when you get a flat that we will be happy repair your flat while you wait, give the bike a quick check and lubricate it, as well as giving you 25% off the rubber of your choosing. If the wheels are tubless we will re-mount them, while also discounting the sealant charge 25% (comes to $3.75 per wheel). The labor value alone is well over $100.00 for this coverage.

These are the sytems that will be inspected when the bike is brought in on a flat or other issue:
  • Wheel True
  • Brake Adjustment and Performance
  • Shifting Adjustment and Performance
  • Chain Lubrication and Service Life
  • All Cables: wire and housing condition
  • Visual Inspection of Frame, Wheels and Systems
  • Air Pressure Check
  • Light Wipe Down
We will then advise you on any action needed.

We treat your bicycle like our own. All systems will be reviewed, inspected and checked against manufacurers specifications. We are trained technichians Certified with Shimano and SRAM componentry.  We will cover the labor to repalce cables, grips, bar tape, saddles, brake bleeds, bottom bracket replacement/overhauls, even build wheels all for the same price.  The cost of repalcement parts themselves arent included, but at least you don't have to worry about labor charges for one full year.
We are Certified S-Tec Technichians.  Covering the latest in all road and mountain systems.  We service several brand suspension systems to factory standards to ensure proper tunability and long service life.

  • Mechanical
  • Hydralic
  • E-Bike

We have built and service many electric bicycles. We would love to have yours by.

Bicycles are not just bicycles.  We are professionals that take pride in our work and constantly update our personal knowledge to ensure proper service and specifications.

We have serveral service packages that may better fit your needs:
  • Full Tune Up $129 
  • Basic Tune $89
  • Safety Check $65

Full custom frame build or theme bikes also proper restorations.
Hub, headset, bottom bracket overhauls, group upgrades. Component repalcement, we can take care of it.

Basic Tune                                                     

Full Tune Up                                                    
Efficient and functional are sometimes all that is needed.  Cover all that with this service. *

  • Shifting adjustment
  • Braking adjustment
  • Check all loose bolts
  • True Wheels (on bike)
  • Wipe down bike
  • Lubricate

Everything we include in the mebership is included here.  We take care of all your bicycle mainteance needs nothing is held back. 

  • Shifting adjustments
  • Braking adjustments
  • Check all loose bolts
  • True Wheels (off bike)
  • Polish out frame
  • Clean Drivetrain
  • Lubricate all systems

The only changes is that this is a one time visit*

Safety Check                                               

Simple and easy this service is all about the basics.  We will make sure your bike is operating properly and safely.*

  • Shifting adjustment
  • Braking adjustment
  • Loose bolts