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est. 2005
Independent Bicycle Shop so our passion goes to fulfilling your needs. No corporation oversight to tell us what to sell you.  This translates into passion for true customer service.
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Passion for our craft, Community commitment, Service to our customers.

That is our driving mission. It has served us well to still be here for over a decade as Cycle D Bike Shop. 

The shop however, has been in my family since 2000. It was opened as  a piece of this american pie.  That fire still burns true.  We need to be profitable to sustain life.  However, we don't do use that mantra to floursih.  We need this community, and we do our best to give back and participate.  We support SAG for several local rides. We donate tens of bikes, as well countless P&A and service packages, to many different causes throughout the year.

Cycling can be a way of life on many different levels.  To assume that just beacuse your way doesn't include a kit and a pair of clipless pedals is crazy.  With over 15 years of technical experience, our shop has been able to help customers with restorations, solid reliable rebuilds.  All wheels hand laced and tensioned in the shop are given a Lifetime True Guarantee, suspension is serviced to factory specifications.

My cycling way of life is the poeple.  I am proud to call myself a professional Bicycle Technician and have made it my craft, not just a job.  I complete the required certifications out of sheer joy of being witih in this industry.  The people I have met because of cycling make me the most happy.  People that I have provided with service within these walls, or out on a ride, or while providing SAG support. Anything bicycle I want to know why and how. I've made unsuable countless parts, in the search to understand thier engineering and design, so that when I teach a new tech what and how to do something, I also show them WHY it's done a certain way. Where the the design created holds the potentional for full enjoyment and performance.  So that when customers ride thier bikes, they don't think about whether or not to push themselves a little harder this time like they did yesterday. 

Those are our values.  So far as we can tell, these are the reasons customers support us all these years.

Joey Marquez
Cycle Dynamics Bicycle Shop
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    Joey Marquez
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